Considering the growth in the development of different communication systems, need for an advanced lab equipped with sophisticated systems arises. Among communication elements, antennas and short range devices (SRD) are a crucial part which their test and approval is regularly demanded. Type approval antenna lab at the university of Tehran has an advanced conical-shaped anechoic chamber surrounded by a large shielded room enjoys measurement and calibration instruments. These instruments are prepared by the aid of Iran's Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) in responseto national industrial needs.

Almost all Measurements in our lab are done according to well-known international standards especially the IEEE 149 1979 and the laboratory management is in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard. Our main goal is to provide standard and accurate measurement on antennas and related systems and subsystems. So conventional measurements in wireless systems under different protocols are also part of capabilities of our lab.

 Our technical Vision :

  • Designing various systems and subsystems

  • Developing partnership with industry

  • Providing an equipped lab for researchers and industry

  • Attracting most talented students with high interest



Scope of the laboratory

Four parameters that play a significant role in the operating frequency of the lab :

  1. Frequency range of the device under the test
  2. 6-meter distance between transmitter antenna and receiver antenna
  3. Maximum Dimension of the Antenna
  4. Far Field relations

In consider to the figure of limitation of Antenna Type Approval Lab., following parameters for antenna radiation measurements should be consider:

  • Minimum operating frequency that can be measured in our anechoic chamber with satisfying far field relations is 80 MHz.
  • Maximum radiation dimension should be smaller than 120 cm.
  • Maximum operating frequency that can be measured should be specified in according with the limitation figure and the frequency range of equipment
  • According to our Phi positioner, maximum weight of the antenna under test and its holder should not be heavier than 35 kg. However, our Turn Table is able to hold the weight up to 400 kg.
  • The attenuation of our shielded room for electrical, magnetic fields and plane waves is about 100 dB in operating frequencies.