Due to the necessity of electronically passing the test procedures and the certificate of approval of the equipment of communication and information technology, we announce that all applicant should register from the following website, . Since the beginning of  April 2019, all the relevant requests are processed solely through the system.

It should be noted that:

1. If the relevant access level has already been signed up in the test application registration system, you can access the test application section with the same account. Otherwise, if you have not registered yet, please start registering with the registration link and then click on the sign in link.

2- If additional information are required, please do not hesitate to contact us with our telephone No. +9821-82084940 or the email address.

3. The system will be displayed properly on Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 42, FireFox 40, Opera 10 and Safari 5 browsers and higher versions.

4. For more information, refer to the system's guide.